Every blog starts with a hi-post. So, hi.

I don’t know why I choose to make a new blog.

I mean, I don’t write. I can’t write. Well I can write of course but I can not put the words together beautifully. Obviously not a writer. Also, I doubt my food photography skill can assure you to try the recipes.

This blog is actually recipes-of-desserts-I’ve-made-because-I-always-forget-to-bring-my-recipe-book-when-I’m-abroad-and-opening-Pinterest-or-Google-is-too-much-effort.

So I apologise if this site is not reader-friendly. But well, I am very happy if it can help you (if I can not help you, each recipe has its original website so you better click right away).


Oh don’t forget to check this magic, too.